• Moscow Overseas
    Property Show 2017

    This is brand new concept from the organizers of well-known overseas property exhibitions and events.

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    25 - 26 October

    We invite developers and agencies offering overseas property on the Russian market to participate.

Program of the exhibition

25 October 2017 (Wednesday) — DAY FOR PROFESSIONALS (12.00 – 20.00)

- Round Table* – Discussion of the current condition of Russian and Foreign real estate markets and opportunities for cooperation.

- Workshop – Foreign participants meet Russian realtors with the aim to establish new partnership and conclude contracts for cooperation.

- Educative Seminars – Series of presentations from local Russian professionals, on how to work more efficiently on the Russian market, which strategies and marketing means are most efficient.

- Series of presentations. Participants present their companies and projects to local real estate professionals.

* 12:00-14:00 - Closed event for foreign participants of the exhibition, participants and invited experts.

26 October 2017 (Thursday) — DAY FOR BUYERS & INVESTORS (12.00 – 20.00)

- Exhibition – Foreign participants meet Russian potential property buyers and private investors.

- Business Program – Series of presentations. Participants present their companies and projects to potential clients and partners. The business program will be broadcasted online, so that buyers and investors from different Cities of Russia and other CIS countries could see your presentation.

  • 2 days

    of expo

  • up to 300

    preselected visitors

  • up to 15


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Visit exhibition on 25-26th of October, 2017